Thursday, June 14th, 2018

I lasted quite a long time yesterday, about 7 hours in the Borgata “deepstacks” tournament. I busted when I ran two pair into a set, what we call in poker language, a cooler. Anyway, after that I used my complimentary buffet coupon at Harrah’s  casino. I took the walk on the man made, muddy, short cut from The Borg.. They have all-u-can -eat crab legs which is great, but a lot of work. I had some anyway, some sushi rolls and then a mix from the Italian section…the waitress seemed to think I didn’t eat enough. She said “No dessert?”

I grabbed a brownie on my way out, fearing I hadn’t gotten maximum value. They do have an impressive dessert spread, including ice cream sundaes. Maybe next time. I was still bummed from busting the tournament and my appetite wasn’t really back yet.

I worked on some website stuff after dinner, sprawled on my luxurious king size bed at The Water Club, the gaming free tower of The Borgata. I like it because it’s close to the poker room and to the surface parking lot where you grab the $2.25 jitney or summon a Lyft car.

This morning I hit up the outdoor/indoor pools and hot tubs at the Water Club, towing  along a bag of work to expedite my paperwork  chores. While I was in the outdoor pool, I overheard two single women loudly discussing “Atlantic City casino tips”. A blue haired lady in a bright floral full piece suit, complained that The Metropolitan restaurant at The Borgata, god forbid, “served a turkey club without fresh turkey, and used that deli meat with terrible preservatives in it.” She barked on; “What high-end hotel doesn’t serve real turkey on a sandwich. Appalling.”

I soon moved inside to one of the two hot tubs, where this lady had also moved, and there she said; “you were here yesterday, I recognize your sequined suit. I stopped buying expensive swimsuits because the chlorine eats away at the fabric and I refuse to go through another pricey suit. I go to Burlington and get $100 suit for $20. I never pay more than $20.”  I thought, probably good advice!

After my spa time, I showered and headed to the jitney to the bus station, and here I now sit, on the bus back to New York City.

Less than two weeks until I leave for Vegas.

How time flies when you don’t play as many poker tournaments as you wanted between WSOP’s.


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