Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Event 18: Catching Up on the Poker Room

I played the Wednesday 11 a.m. $300 Deepstacks tournament as part of the Borgata Summer Open. I made the blog, Allen Rash, the blogger, still calls me a regular and familiar face. I hit some flops and won some flips, better than I’ve been doing. Made it to around 178 players out of 601 players. I shoved all in pre flop on the short stack in position, without looking at my cards. Had 2 4 off suit and was up against the worst possible hand 44. I said well I need 3,5,6…and the flop came down close 5,A, 3 for the flopped wheel, and I doubled up. The very next hand I got coolered with QQ when I ran into KK.  

After busting the event around 6:30 p.m. I needed to eat, but wanted to head over to Hard Rock & Ocean Casinos to get my new casino stuff, and get the card level match to my loyalty card. I was informed if you bring your Diamond Total Rewards card to Hard a Rock, you get $150 slot play (good for 7 days) , and 2 free nights good for the next 90 days. Then, after that if you bring your premium Hard Rock card, you get the highest level card at Ocean, which gets you $100 slot play (good for 24 hours) and 2 free nights, including weekends in the next 90 days. Plus, access to 2 players lounges for free food and drink. 

Hard Rock was pretty much was I suspected, bright and slick, focused on the entertainment venue. I looked for the slots I prefer, Heidi Beer Haus, The Simpson’s, Dragon Spin, but couldn’t find any if these. I settled on a Buffalo machine where you need 3 wheel symbols to get the bonus. I got the bonus several times, but only twice did it pay what I thought it should, but I was able to take $160 out of the machine, without putting any money in. 

I walked around a bit after, some restaurants, and more flash. Hard to navigate and I was turned around trying to find the boardwalk.

The best thing about the Hard Rock, is there is a White House Sub Shop, which used to be there when it was The Taj. I liked that it was there, because sometimes the Original White House isn’t the most convenient to go to. Even though the original is better, for a top notch sub or cheese steak, it beats Sack ‘o Subs at Bally’s. Sack ‘o Subs raised the prices and downsized recently. The size of the White House special beats the Sack one. And the quality of the sandwich in general is better too. But, I do like both spots. I didn’t try White House this time, but I will next trip. 


After Hard Rock, I walked down the sparsely inhabited boardwalk, rainy and muggy, past the Showboat Casino which apparently still has rooms, to the bright entry to The Ocean Casino. It looks pretty much like a The Revel, vast and tons of slot machines. I never stayed at The Revel, but heard the rooms were really nice, as was the pool. 

I got the black card and proceeded to the Heidi Beer machine where I was able to pull out $80, again without spending any if my own money.

I decided to try the loyalty lounge there, but was a little late, as it was just closing at 10 p.m. They instructed me there was another lounge in the “high limit” area…which upon trying to find, I wound up on the wrong floor and it took me asking several people before I found it. There was no one behind the bar when I entered, and there was a small seating area in the back, with some small sandwiches, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, and dessert items. 

It looked nice if you wanted to grab some drinks, away from the casino floor, but it wasn’t enough for a meal, as I hadn’t eaten all day.

Another good thing about The Ocean vs. The Revel is that the jitney now enters to the hotel lobby, which wasn’t offered before, and definitely a deterrent, having to walk from the Main Street to the entry takes a good 10 minutes. 

I decided to head to Harrah’s to try to catch the $1 oyster and shrimp deal at McCormick and Schmick’s which the web said was open until 11 p.m. I also had a $25 food comp I had to use before it expired and thought I could possibly use it at the sushi place, which said it was open until 1 a.m. 

When I arrived I proceeded to the machine that said “July food comps” to print my voucher. While printing, I heard the  crunching of the paper and it didn’t come out. When I tried to do-over, it told me I had already redeemed it. 

Of course the Total Rewards center was closed, and I had to ask a security guard for assistance who directed me to the cashier window. I had to explain what happened and there were two women working in my issue. After about 10 minutes, I was informed we had to proceed to the actual machine with the IT guy to remove the paper jam. That took another 10 minutes, the guy to arrive and try keys of about 20 total, which it took almost the whole batch before he got the match. When he opened it up, there was my voucher. Worth the hassle? I don’t know…but ya know, ya gotta use the free crap.

By then it was too late for McCormicks. The sushi place wasn’t open, as it never is when it says it will be, so my choice was AC Burger, which was very busy. I opted for take -out. Ordered chicken fingers and a turkey sub (to bring back to NYC tomorrow). During the wait, I went to use my $25 slot play, of which I took nothing. I brought the food back to my hotel, Borgata, and by that time it was almost midnight. 

What a day, lots of trekking around, and I’m starving. I had a few Baby Bell cheeses and an iced coffee…

The chicken fingers were good, but awoke me during the night with heart burn. 

All in all, the Poker was kinda standard…the two casinos were meh, but I did take money from them. 

I had a really cool jitney bus during my trip, decorated with party lights, old Atlantic City photos and newspaper articles. Even though it was a bus full of tourists with loud screaming kids and some ghetto talk, I got some cool photos and video.


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