Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

This article came out titled “Dive Bar Divas,” in New York Moves magazine, 2 months ago. Julia and I were interviewed, and I was somewhat misquoted, but, well, it’s out there:


Here’s a link to a video from today’s podcast recording: 

If you haven’t checked out (Doc Holliday’s bartender Jo & author, historian, tour guide Kevin) Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show Podcast yet…it’s time.

Link to podcast on iTunes here:


Episode #9 dropped today with Michele Gouveia talking about the Mae West Fest coming up in August…

We recorded again today (linked above) and had some trouble with speaking properly. Fun times. Subscribe and rate us 5 stars. Stay tuned for our first live podcast, to be recorded at the Doc Holliday’s. Sometime in September.


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